Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally got my first glaze pieces on video

When I started this blog and my YouTube Channel I never realized how much work this was going to be. I finished putting the glaze result pics in the presentation on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I spent alot of time on YouTube searching how to take an OpenOffice Impress presentation and turn it into a video. Of course everyone wanted to sell me a program to do this. I was so frustrated by the end of the day. One piece of software was found to have a virus in it. I wasn't surprised at all, considering I don't normally download files from anyone except tucows.com or download.com. By the evening I found ONE YouTuber which was telling some basic things on saving files in PowerPoint to be able to use in Windows Movie Maker. Surprisingly, I was able to finally catch on. I'll spare all the details unless you need to know too. Then I'll be happy to make a post with the directions in it. So then once I got my files into Movie Maker, I added the music. Then I found out that the music ran out. Oh gosh... now I needed to know how to edit the sound file. I looked on the net for a free music editor and found one. I didn't spend so much time on that and you can hear the clip where I added it, but that's ok.. my brain is burned out!

So now I've got my blog up, A presentation video uploaded to YouTube and now I just need to work on one more thing.. "My databases".. showing what colors of glazes I use on my pottery so I can see the results. I'll get better at this as I go along. This took alot of my time though and I haven't thrown in a few days. I miss it so much, but this is the only way sometimes I can get done what I have to get done.

In case you haven't seen my latest video, here is the link! Click the full screen to see in HD format!
In the Beginning of Muditis

I know my ceramics look like a kindergarten, but that's ok, we all have to start somewhere. At least I have a record now and I can look back and see how far I have come. Hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for stopping by!

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