Saturday, March 25, 2017

May have found the spider, but not sure

 I think I may have found the spider. If it don't die first I will put my Gopro in the jar to get pics. Here is some from phone. 
Oh and I am getting an exterminator for spiders after having gone through this. It feels some better today after the pharmacist recommended Aleve for inflamation.

My son identified this spider this morning. He said it has the white markings on its legs and back. It's a Bold Jumping Spider. From what I read it is very bold and has to see its prey before jumping on it and it says very doubtful would bite someone but if it did, it would leave a stinging feeling. Well, not so sure this is what bit me now. I'm not so convinced since it left fang marks like a black widow is described. I know what bit me wasn't deadly, but it left more than a stinging sensation. I'm counting this as my warning for everyone to make sure they have sprayed something keeping any type of spider away from them. This has been horrible to deal with, but I'm still trusting G-d. Swelling is going down still and I have 4 scabs

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