Monday, May 14, 2012

What I've been up to

It's been a while since I have updated my blog. Just not enough time in a day it seems anymore. I'm trying to get myself on a routine, so I have a set schedule as to when I throw, trim, bisque fire and then glaze fire. Then that doesn't account for the time it takes to video, or take pics of my work. I'm not really complaining though, I LOVE what I do.

I moved my Pottery Wheel to our sign shop so now I can throw there. Not only that, but I also went ahead and got myself a business license. I guess if you are going to be serious about it, you just as well get serious! I can now display my work in my sign shop and sell from there. I have plans to create a sign for myself but haven't done it yet. I also plan to change my makers mark, or Chop Mark as it's called. I made a simple one to get by with in the beginning but it never was something I was totally satisfied with. So that will be in the works, along with business cards and also some flyers of some of my work, Once I get some good pieces out the kiln.

For the past few months, I've been concentrating on forms. I am still trying to get a better bowl form. Here is a pic of one I just threw and then did some chattering on.

Here is the inside of the bowl


Here is the bottom where I did some chattering. I love the way the chattering looks on the bowls. It was mentioned by my friend Don Goodrich that Celedons look pretty good on textures, so I'll be using something like that, or a stoneware wash. I have some plans for this bowl :)

Here is the bowl standing up. I like the way it looks standing up too :) This is a 3 pound bowl and it was the first 3 lb lump of clay I have thrown :)

Then I decided I'd throw my first Trinket Keeper. The bottom was thrown using 1lb of clay. I made the lid 4 times before it was a suitable lid. YES alot of work goes in to throwing forms. But there is nothing like looking at the finished product and being at least pleased with it, knowing how hard you worked on it.

And... here is the inside... looking down at the gallery.

Here is the bottom of it where I did some chattering. I can't wait to glaze this one. And... this one is MINE! lol

I've been working on my Mug Forms as well. I don't have any pictures of them but I do have a video you can look at if you want to see them. It's a bisque firing.

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